How to Choose a Skip Bin Hire Company 

 Tips for choosing the right professionals

Skip bins are common necessity in many populated areas. These waste collection bins are typically trapezoid or rectangular shaped. Clients rent these bins from relevant companies and they are then delivered to their preferred location. The client picks a skip bin that meets their needs in terms of size and waste removal preferences. These bins are very fundamental for people with busy schedules.

There are numerous factors to consider when hiring skip bins Brisbane so make sure you do your homework. Below we have included the top seven things to check before hiring.

How to Choose a Skip Bin Hire Company

In brief, the most vital considerations include:

  • Waste classification
  • Bin sizes
  • Compare pricing
  • Online services
  • Qualifications and reputation
  • Location
  • Environment friendliness and recycling policies

skip bin sizes

Waste classification

The first major consideration should be what kind of waste you are putting out, the company whose services you intend to hire, and if they can process it. This consideration will allow you to select companies that have safe and specialised disposal methods for your specific waste, whether hazardous, radioactive or any other form.

Biohazards, chemical, and radioactive material will also require specialised bins. Companies classify waste into different categories. Check their websites to see what waste types they handle.  This information is important when it comes to choosing the most appropriate Skip Bin Hire Company.

Bin sizes

Not all clients looking to hire Skip Bins have the same waste output. This is because waste from different sources tends to vary in quantity. This consideration will require you to research and determine which company offers a service that suits your output. Companies will typically offer various bin sizes to cater these diverse needs. Plus, hire pricing is usually directly influenced by bin size. This consideration will make sure you are not spending extra on an unnecessary large bin and also keep you from hiring a bin that is too small for your waste volumes.

Compare pricing

Skip Bin Hire companies have different pricing for their services. You should not quickly settle for the first offer you come across. Carrying out research to get price comparisons will help you pick on the best deal possible, accompanied by the most viable services. Furthermore, some companies even have money-back guarantees which give you peace of mind.

Online services

Skip bin hire services are meant to make your life easier and save you a lot of time. Therefore, a company that offers online services is a big plus. Online services allow you to quickly make inquiries, chat with a representative, and make bookings. Moreover, these services allow a more interactive and hands-on user experience which is ideal. Customer support is also a key part of this service. It would be best if you consider a company offering a reliable and efficient customer support service.

Qualifications and reputation

Companies build their reputation based on their previous work, their efficiency, and customer satisfaction levels. Good companies also have garnered experience and complement this with adequate training. A skip bin hire service needs to have legible and qualified personnel to ensure the service is safe and healthy. Moreover, the service provider’s qualifications and reputation will give you direct insight into their quality levels and allow you to pick the best. A qualified service will also protect you from any apparent risks, hazards, and dangers. Also, reputable companies will often display their accolades in the form of awards and certification.



The intended location of your Skip bin is a key consideration. It would be best to consider companies that can easily and affordably offer the service in your location. Your bin should also be placed in an area that poses minimal health and safety risks.

skip bin right location

Eco-friendly and recycling policies

Protecting the environment should be a vital consideration for anyone getting rid of their waste. Poor waste disposal is one of the leading contributors to environmental pollution and degradation. It would be commendable to hire  a company with a top-tier environmental friendly service. Such companies should also have a stringent recycling policy and a working recycling depot. These companies do their best to recycle as much waste as possible instead of flooding landfills.


If keenly considered, the information above will help you pick the most suitable Spin Bin Hire Company. In addition to, the right choice will save you money, protect the environment and keep your location safe and healthy.