How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost?

Cost of Rubbish Removal

How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost?

As the years go by, our homes can get cluttered with rubbish. For whatever reason, it just keeps piling up and we need to get rid of it.

Some people will get rid of their rubbish slowly, others will hire a rubbish removal company to remove everything all at once. But hiring a company comes at a cost. Maybe that’s why some people don’t follow the rules and just dump their waste where they feel like it.

The truth is that rubbish removal companies provide a great service to the community. More often than not they will be happy to take anything you have, depending on your council regulations. To find out more visit the Brisbane Council site for further information.

In this article, we will go through all the options available to you regarding rubbish removal. From the types of rubbish, they can collect to what certain types of rubbish removal cost to get removed from your home. We will now go through the different types of rubbish removal that companies offer and the prices.

General Rubbish Removal – $140 to $630

Most rubbish removal companies will usually tailor their price to how much rubbish you have. Averages prices are around $70 for a cubic metre of general rubbish and most companies have a minimum charge of $100. See the pricing guide is below.

  • 1-2 m3 $100 – $140
  • 2-4 m3 $140 – $280
  • 4-6 m3 $280 – $420
  • 6-9 m3 $420 – $630

Green Waste (Cheaper than Skips) – Minimum $100 to $600

The green waste charge is similar to the general rubbish fee in which there is a minimum amount of $100 that can be used to cover around 1.5 cubic metres. For a full load of green waste removal, depending on who you go through you can expect to pay up to around $600 which is considerably cheaper than if you hired a skip bin.

Unwanted Furniture – $70 per cubic metre

As we go through various stages of our lives, we might feel like we need to update our furniture like our couch or dining table, but how do we get rid of them? Most rubbish removal companies can take your unwanted furniture off your hands.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $70 per cubic metre of your unwanted furniture. Some businesses can even give you a discount if you have multiple items that you want to get rid of which can come in handy if you have a lot you need to move.

Cost of Rubbish Removal

Household Appliances – Minimum $70 to $100

Perhaps the most common items rubbish removal companies deal with are your household appliances. Items that can be taken away.

  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Fridges

Expect to pay between $70-$100. If you happen to have a few items needing to be removed, a bulk discount can be offered.

Computers and Electrical – Minimum $70 to $100

Another that is the most popular. With phones and laptops essentially changing every year, people feel the need to upgrade but sometimes forget to throw out their old ones. This is where a rubbish removal company that gets rid of e-waste comes in handy.

Like the other types of rubbish, you can expect to pay around the same rate of between $70 and $100 depending on the business. Items that can be taken away include

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Speakers

A full load of computer and electrical items is a little bit pricier but do your research and find the best one that suits your needs and budget.

Mattresses and Carpets – Minimum  $140

Perhaps the most convenient of services as mattresses and carpets are notoriously difficult to move and get rid of by yourself. Depending on how much rubbish you have will determine how much it will cost you. If you are looking at doing a bulk removal, expect to pay upwards of $140 depending on the company.

Items that can be taken include

  • Mattresses
  • Carpets
  • Rugs

Keep in mind that there will be some items that companies will not take. With the big one being car tyres the major one so you will have to contact your local council or the Queensland government to see how you can go about where to take them.

Another thing to think about is the volume of the rubbish that you want to be removed. If you only have a small section of things to collect, then odds are it will be cheaper simply because there is no need for multiple people to take your rubbish away.

However, if you have a yard full of rubbish then the company will have to deploy several people to take care of your items and that will end up costing a little bit more.

Rubbish Removal Prices

Final thoughts

Hopefully you all the information you need regarding the types of things rubbish removal companies can do for you. Keep in mind that if you want large items of numerous items removed, then you are going to be paying a larger price. But do not base your thoughts just on the price alone. Do your research to find the best rubbish removal company that best suits you and your needs.

If you are still having trouble you can visit to get more information regarding rubbish removal.

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