Top 25 Ways To Reduce Rubbish At Home – Infographic

What You Can Do To Help Save Our Planet

Rubbish in any form is not attractive. Besides aesthetics, too much clutter around your home can affect your mental and physical wellbeing. Below is our handy infographic of the top 25 ways to reduce rubbish at home .

Top 25 Ways To Reduce Rubbish At Home - Infographic

Reduce Rubbish

1. Take a stock of your trash

The first step is to become aware of your trash. Make a note of what you throw away and what you use so you can adjust your behavior.

2. Create a recycling plan for your home

After taking stock of your trash, create a recycling plan. For example, you can use plastic bottles as storage instead of throwing them out with the trash.

3. Create a compost pit

Don’t litter your home with trash. Instead, create a simple outdoor compost pit where you can dispose of food wastes. In turn, the compost will yield manure for your garden.

Reduce Rubbish While Shopping

4.Buy recyclable materials

When you shop, buy items with sustainable packaging. If a particular item is hard to recycle, ask employees for recyclable alternatives.

5. Use cotton or fiber bags for groceries

Shop with reusable cotton or fiber bags. Plastic bags end up as trash since you can’t use them again. Instead, carry reusable synthetic fiber or cotton bags when you want to shop for groceries.

6. Buy only what you need

Impulsive buying will often leave you with more than you desire – the extra ending up as trash. Account for what you buy to avoid food wastage.

Reduce Rubbish In The Kitchen

7. Use permanent cutlery and plates

Don’t use paper plates to escape washing your utensils. Use permanent cutlery and plates that you can clean after use for use in the future.

8. Use reusable water bottles

Plastic water bottles also add to the amount of trash in your home. Minimize this and use reusable water bottles. These bottles are easy to refill and carry about.

9. Shop with reusable bags

Take your bags with you when you shop. If the shop attendant offers you one, politely refuse. You can always reuse your reusable bag without needing an extra that will most definitely end up as trash.

10. Buy groceries from the farmer’s market

Obtain fresh produce directly from the farmer’s market. The market provides groceries without packaging. If you shop here with your reusable shopping bags, you will have less trash at home.

11. Avoid or reduce processed and packaged food

Cut down on packaged foods. Switch it for meals prepared at home. This will reduce the amount of trash in the form of excess paper, plastic, and board packages.

12. Buy items in bulk

When you shop in small quantities, you will generate more waste. Buy in bulk and use the containers to store items in smaller quantities.

13. Make a meal plan

Plan your meal – it reduces waste.

14. Use first entry items before the last

First in, First out – use older groceries or items first before they spoil and to prevent clutter.

15. Create storage containers

Use empty containers to store small items. It prevents clutter and is a smart way to store items.

Reduce Trash In The Living Room

16. Repair broken electronics

Don’t discard broken appliances or leave them lying around your home. You can repair the electronics and put them to proper use.

17. Borrow don’t buy

Ask your neighbors for items you only need for a short time. Borrow, return, and avoid trash.

18. Ditch DVDs and CDs

DVDs and CDs ultimately end up as trash after usage. Ditch them and either stream or download your movies.

Reduce Rubbish In The Workstation

19. Cancel unnecessary mails to reduce mails

Too much mail will pile into a heap of papers – most of which are unnecessary. To reduce the amount of paper waste you will need to trash, cancel your subscriptions to unimportant emails. For example, receive your utility bill or bank statements via mail instead of the mail.

20. Buy e-books instead of paper

Paper books are easy to read but will eventually end up as trash. Switch to online books. If you need to read the news, read it online and not in the papers.

21. Print on both sides of the paper

If you work from home, print on both sides of the paper. This reduces paper waste.

22. Use rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries reduce the number of batteries you will need to dispose of. It is also economical.

Reduce Rubbish In The Bedroom

23. Use old clothes as rags

Put your old clothes to use as rags. Don’t just leave them in the attic or somewhere in your house. For example, save yourself the cost of buying a new towel and use one of your old clothes as a towel.

24. Give away old clothes and items

If there are too many clothes lying around, give them to charity. Since you can’t turn them all into rags, give them out – better than ending up as trash.

25. Sell old items

Sell idle items you cannot give out for free.


Reducing the amount of rubbish your household produces is an important step in protecting our environment. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to make small changes that can have a big impact over time. The infographic we shared provides some great tips for reducing your rubbish at home.

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