10 Tips for Large Rubbish Removal Projects

Efficient Strategies for Managing Massive Waste Removal Projects

Moving house or doing major renovations can often leave you with piles of rubbish that need removal.

Getting rid of large volumes of waste properly is important for safety, avoiding fines from illegal dumping, and being kind to the environment.

Follow these 10 tips from Pro Rubbish Removal Brisbane to make your next big rubbish removal project go smoothly.

1. Plan Ahead and Book a Rubbish Removal Service

Trying to do a large rubbish removal solely by yourself with just your car or a trailer is often not realistic. The amount of trips required to the local waste facility would be exhaustive. Protect your back and save time by booking a professional rubbish removal service like Got Junk from the start. Many services offer flexible bookings from just one-off jobs to regular waste collection contracts.

2. Declutter and Sort Your Household Rubbish in Advance

Go through the rubbish and declutter any items you no longer want or need. Sort materials into separate piles and categories like green waste, recyclables, electronic waste, hazardous waste, building materials, bulky household furniture and whitegoods. This makes estimating volumes easier. It also means the removal team can dispose of different waste items properly on their collection week.

The Australian Government has handy local guides on what you can recycle in your area. Anything hazardous like paint tins should be disposed of correctly via your local Household Chemical CleanOut. Donate usable household furniture to charity stores or list it on online treasure trove platforms.

3. Estimate and Communicate Volumes

When booking a rubbish removal service, they will ask you to estimate volumes. This allows them to send the properly sized truck and number of staff needed. For large household clearouts, take photos of rubbish piles and measurements to get accurate cubic metre estimates.

Provide details on the types of materials too – especially if hazardous liquid waste is involved. The more accurate your description of rubbish, the smoother the collection process will be.

4. Ask About Pricing and Confirm Quotes

Rubbish removal is charged in a few ways like:

  • By weight if they have truck scales.
  • Per cubic metre if an estimate is provided.
  • By time – an hourly rate for loading and unloading.

Make sure to ask upfront about pricing structures. Obtain a formal quote for the job and confirm what is included and excluded to avoid surprises. Fuel levies and minimum business day fees often apply.

5. Book a Timeslot That Suits

Discuss timing and book an appropriate timeslot for your rubbish removal. Weekdays or Sundays are often cheaper. Allow sufficient time for the waste to be loaded based on volumes – this can take hours.

Avoid booking the removal for a Monday if you completed renovation works over the weekend. This compounds fatigue. Similarly, Friday afternoons are not ideal if you aim to relax on the weekend.

6. Clear Access and Have Help On Hand

On the collection day, ensure the rubbish removal team can get access right to where waste piles are located. They may need to take large trucks down your property’s driveway or gain entry to backyards.

Also have 1 or 2 able-bodied helpers on hand if needed – especially for lifting heavy discarded metal items and furniture. This helps the process go quickly and safely.

7. Offer Refreshments and Be Flexible

The rubbish removal process is physically grueling work. Offering cold drinks, tea or coffee shows appreciation for the team’s efforts. If unexpected issues occur, maintain clear communication and be flexible.

For example – if additional volumes are discovered on the day, be open to adjusting the number of truck loads required.

8. Supervise and Check Work is Completed

Stick around to supervise and sign-off on work. At the end, do a final walkaround of your property to check no debris has been left behind.

Also confirm that other areas have not been unintentionally damaged. Plants can be crushed, gates left open etc. Report any damage immediately and resolve it before final payment.

9. Tip (or Don’t Tip) Appropriately

Whether to tip comes down to personal preference. Some residents choose to tip as a thank you while others don’t. There are no hard rules. If you do want to tip, 10-20% of the total fee is common.

Cash tips given directly to workers are preferable to tips pre-added to invoices. This better ensures staff receive the gratuity.

10. Leave a Review and Recommend If Happy

If you received great service, leave the rubbish removal team positive feedback and ratings on review platforms. Reviews help companies. Recommend them to neighborhood friends also needing similar large rubbish removals done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs I need a professional rubbish removal service?

Some signs it’s time to call the pros:

  • Waste piles up and fills your garage after renovating
  • Old furniture and mattresses won’t fit in your car for tip runs
  • Tonnes of green waste need hauling after tree removal
  • Appliances, paint tins, electronics need specialised disposal

What questions should I ask rubbish removal companies?

Key questions to ask prospective rubbish removal teams:

  • What is your pricing structure – weight, volume, time?
  • What size trucks and staffing will you send for my job?
  • Can you handle the hazardous liquid waste I have?
  • Are weekend or after hours bookings available?
  • What COVID precautions do you take to keep me safe?

How can I reduce my rubbish removal costs?

Tips for lower rubbish removal costs:

  • Declutter before they arrive – sell or donate usable items.
  • Book on weekdays instead of weekends.
  • Provide accurate volume estimates.
  • Have helpers available to speed up the loading time.
  • Avoid delays that mean the truck and staff are on site longer.
  • Take advantage of any regular customer discounts.


In summary, large rubbish removal projects like renovations or moving house can generate huge volumes of waste.

By planning ahead, hiring professional waste services, sorting rubbish properly, and clearing access, the collection process will go smoothly.

After they’ve loaded the last green waste pile or discarded washing machine onto the truck and depart down the road, take pride in responsibly managing your household waste.

Enjoy your newly tidied property and refreshed spaces.