Household Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal For Domestic Houses and Apartments

Household Waste Removal

If you need rubbish removal for your home we can help.

Sometimes rubbish builds up without noticing. The next minute you realise its time for a cleanup. Whether you need to remove whitegoods, garden waste from fallen trees or cut grass, we can remove it all for you. No job is too big or too small.

From complete real estate cleanups to small removal jobs, we can get it done on time and on budget. We offer 100% free quotes for all removals jobs so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Contact our team of professionals to schedule an appointment for us to remove your household rubbish quickly.

We offer household rubbish removalists services to all residents of South East Queensland. Locations include Brisbane Northside, Southside, Toowoomba, Ipswich and as far as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Household rubbish is defined as any waste items which come from a residential home. Typical waste includes old beds, furniture, fixtures, drawers, appliances, garden rubbish, computers, chairs, and boxes of unwanted personal possessions.

Once we remove your household rubbish, it will get processed safely and properly without harming the environment. Our team of rubbish collectors works with several partners that specialize in processing rubbish and recycling its materials and contents.

Items containing plastic, steel, metal, and wood materials will get recycled properly. That way, these items will get reused to make new items so that more natural environmental resources won’t be exhausted.

Traditional roadside garbage collectors do not protect the environment. They will simply take away your general household rubbish and dump it into an overflowing landfill.

When you think about all the chemicals, electronic components, metals, and other unbiodegradable items in those landfills, they do so much harm to the environment.

But when you hire a specialized garbage collector like us, we’ll make sure your discarded items don’t end up polluting the environment.

The Process

Our waste removals process works differently than a traditional trash removal service. You don’t need to pile up all your trash on your front lawn.

Our team of household rubbish removers will do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll go into your property and manually remove the items that you want to be taken out.

We’ll even go so far as to detach the fixtures from your walls or ceiling if you no longer want them. You only have to give us a call, and that is it. The rest is up to us!

After we’ve cleared out all the unwanted rubbish from your home and packed it into our garbage truck, our team will clean up the spaces in your home where the rubbish was removed.

We’ll scan every inch of the floor to ensure there is no debris, such as sharp glass or wood pieces. Your rooms will look spotless as if the rubbish had never been in there originally.

Removal Services

  • Garden Waste
  • Hard Rubbish
  • Household Junk
  • Whitegoods

Why Choose Us?

  • Fully Licensed and Experienced
  • Public Liability Insurance $10 Million
  • Professional and Trustworthy
  • Punctual – We’ll Pick It Up On Time
  • Friendly and Courteous Team
  • All Waste Lifted, Loaded & Removed
  • Affordable Prices


  • Brisbane City and CBD
  • Northside & Southside
  • Western suburbs
  • Eastern suburbs
  • Redland Bay and Moreton Bay
  • Ipswich
  • Toowoomba
  • Gold Coast
  • Tweed Heads

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