About Us

Pro Rubbish Removal Brisbane has been the premier garbage collection company in Brisbane for the past 10 years. Our waste management trucks come equipped with advanced technology which allows us to remove rubbish from all types of properties, whether they’re commercial, residential, and industrial. No matter where your property is situated in Brisbane, Pro Rubbish Removal can remove any waste items that you want gone from there.

We are proud to be a family-owned company with a well-established reputation in Brisbane. People know that when they need their garbage collected quickly and efficiently, Pro Rubbish Removal is just one phone call away. We have a fleet of trucks positioned all throughout the city of Brisbane. They are ready to collect your garbage in any area of the city that it’s in.


We Collect All Types of Garbage

Our garbage collection operation is more than just a service. We feel an obligation to help keep our city clean by removing any kind of rubbish that would normally get left behind. Residential customers typically request for their household garbage to be removed. This is not just their ordinary weekly garbage containing empty food packages and boxes. Household garbage may include disposal of unwanted possessions, furniture, beds, lawn debris and any other unusual pieces of garbage.

If you have green waste, such as pine straw, dried leaves, or grass clippings, then we can remove this garbage from your property too. You would actually be doing a good thing for the environment by having us collect your green waste because it’ll get recycled into compost for fertilizing plants. This is sure better than having that precious organic material end up in a landfill.

Other forms of waste that we collect are commercial waste and builder waste. Commercial waste comes from places of business, no matter if they’re big or small. This is a unique type of waste which might include electrical waste, computer hardware waste, chemical waste, food waste, office supply waste, biodegradable waste, agricultural waste, and so on. Pro Rubbish Removal has a team of rubbish removal professionals who know how to dispose of these types of waste materials properly.

As for builder waste, this would include any leftover construction materials and debris after a home or structure was erected. Some common construction materials might include wood, nails, concrete, bricks, cement, metal, electrical wiring, screws, insulation and rebar. A lot of these materials are dangerous for both people and the environment. Pro Rubbish Removal can haul these materials away safely so that they no longer pose a threat to anyone.


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 There are no size limitations with our rubbish removal services. Pro Rubbish Removal Brisbane can haul away any amount of waste and garbage that you want. The size and type of material of each individual waste item does not matter either. We have the means to remove anything from your property without any hassle.

You no longer need to take trips to the landfill to dump your garbage. We can do all the hard work for you. And if you have waste vouchers from the Brisbane City Council, we can accept those for our rubbish removal services. Contact us to find out more information and to request a rubbish removal job from us.