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Green waste is something that doesn’t get enough attention. The term “green waste” basically refers to any type of organic materials or natural waste items, such as lawn cuttings, bush clippings, garden waste, fallen leaves, shrub clippings, tree debris, old wooden fencing, wooden patio debris, vines, dead vegetation, and so on. If it is something that came from your natural environment and you no longer need it around because it is dead or cluttering up your property, then it would be classified as green waste.

For decades, people have disposed of their green waste along with their regular household garbage. They just assumed that green waste would get absorbed by the soil because it is all biodegradable and came out of the earth originally. However, it is actually counterproductive to protecting the environment if you throw away your green waste along with your regular garbage. In fact, you could be contributing to global warming if you do this.

Think about how biodegradable materials decompose in the first place. They require oxygen to break down the organic material and get absorbed back into the earth. But if biodegradable materials end up in a landfill, they won’t receive the oxygen needed for their decomposition process to take effect. Instead, these materials will generate methane gas which goes into the atmosphere.

According to scientists, methane gas makes the global warming crisis about 25 times worse than carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, improper green waste disposal contributes more to global warming than the gas-guzzling cars that we all drive. This is something you must seriously consider the next time you have green waste to remove from your property.


The Removal Process

 Many of our competitors would require you to place your green waste into specially marked containers before its removed. But when you hire Pro Rubbish Removal, we make this process even easier for you. Our green waste removal team will not only remove the green waste from your property, but we’ll also gather it together for you too. Just let us know where the green waste items are located on your property, and our team will handle everything else. You won’t need to gather any green waste items because we do all the hard work for you.


We Dispose of Green Waste the Right Way

Pro Rubbish Removal Brisbane offers green waste removal services that put the environment first. When you hire us to collect and remove your green waste items, we won’t bring them to any landfills. Instead, your green waste items will get brought to a special facility where proper decomposition processes will be implemented.

We have partnered with the best green waste disposal facilities in Brisbane to ensure that all green waste gets recycled back into the environment. No methane gases will ever be emitted into the atmosphere from our decomposition processes. If you want to do your part in fighting against global warming, then hiring a green waste removal service likes ours is the smart thing to do.


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