Moving Out? Learn Why To Choose Carpet Steam Cleaning

10 Reasons Why Carpet Steam Cleaning is Best When Moving Out

Why Choose Steam Carpet Cleaning Method?

When you’re moving our you need to do two things. The first is finding a rubbish removal company and the second is cleaning the house. A big part of making your house clean is carpet cleaning. But which method should you use?  Is carpet steam cleaning the best methods? Is it really that much better for your carpets? Today we talked to Brett Fletcher from Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney who explained how amazing steam cleaning is for your carpet.

Here are the top 10 benefits of steam carpet cleaning.

1. Helps Remove Pollutants

One of the main benefits of steam cleaning is its ability to sanitise your home. You won’t see germs, viruses, bacteria, mildews, and pathogens with your eyes but they’re there. And in large numbers.

The hot water vapor penetrates the carpet fabric to kill all the nasty pollutants. The steam is so hot that it can eliminate even the strongest pathogens like Salmonella and E. Coli.

2. No More Wet Dog Smell

If you have pets making your home smell like a zoo, steaming the carpet and other items can solve the problem. In the process, the hot vapor will also kill the parasites such as fleas and their larvae or eggs.

So, you’ll have your home smelling nice and happy pets. Let your dog on the carpet if you want, but remember to get that carpet a deep clean every four months.

3. Good for the Environment

Water is the major component in carpet steam cleaning. A very little amount of detergent is used if any compared to other techniques. Therefore, there are no chemical residues or smells.

So, with this method, your home remains safe for family and pets. Moreover, it doesn’t inject any chemicals into the drainage system which may end up in our water supply. We can say, steam cleaning has zero effects on the environment. And thus, using it not only protects you and your family but also the ecosystem.

4. Bye-bye Stains

Hot water effectively weakens the bond between dirt or stains and the carpet. So, they become easy to dislodge even without strong detergents. Moreover, the hot vapor penetrates deep into the carpet layers to remove any impurities hiding there.

Steam Cleaning For Stain Removal

5. Longevity Through The Roof

Steam cleaning goes deep into the pores of your carpet. It dislodges all the dirt, germs, and allergens with a lot more ease than most standard techniques.

The results: vibrant and colorful carpet that can last several years. So, instead of re-carpeting your home every now and then, this method can help you retain your carpet for years. Plus, it’s so much cheaper to clean what you have rather than getting it completely replaced!

6. No Pollutants Left

Unlike most intensive cleaning methods, it doesn’t leave any pollutants on your carpet. It is not necessary to use any artificial chemicals that can pollute the air or the carpet itself. As a matter of fact, steaming eliminates those pollutants.

7. Quick Drying

Steam is very quick to dry compared to other methods that soak your carpet in water. That makes it a good method for carpets used in busy places like office buildings. You need only a few hours and your carpet is dry and ready for use again.

Just because it calls for some water doesn’t mean your entire household is out of commission for days of drying!

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

8. Extra Freebee

Steam is a natural sanitizer and deodorant. It rises in the air to remove any possible dirt and residue developed from the other methods. Because of this, it’s a great way to clean your carpet after using other methods on it. The steam creates a fresh environment and feeling in homes.

9. Stop Mold Growth

Dirt and moisture carpets exacerbate mold and mildew growth. But this method leaves little moisture which dries in about 30 to 60 minutes. Therefore, it effectively stops these two and any other fungi or bacteria from thriving.

Mold and mildew are strong allergens that can result in severe allergic reactions. Depriving them of their essential elements like moisture means they won’t regrow. And that translates to a healthy living.

10. Not a Bank Buster

Cleaning with steam doesn’t require any expensive chemicals. As long as you hire professionals, you’ll receive very little or no bill at all for any cleaning chemicals.

Companies specializing in green measures do improvise or use only biodegradable products. Which are generally cheaper. Ideally, with this method, you will definitely save a couple of bucks.


Steam cleaning is more than an expensive procedure that drowns your carpet and leaves you with soggy socks for weeks. It’s a complex, chemical process that will leave you happier than you could’ve ever thought you’d be with your fresh, mint-condition-looking carpets.